El. Switchboards Production Unit

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Aiming to better meet customer needs, KAFKAS established a low and medium voltage switchboard production plant responsible for designing and manufacturing reliable, high quality equipment with short delivery times that is competitively priced and fully tailored to customer requirements.    

Switchboard components and cabinets are sourced from the world’s leading manufacturers of electrical equipment. As a result, every switchboard produced is an integrated and fully functional unit certified by top European testing centers.    


1.   Medium-voltage switchboards, power transformers and outdoor substations (kiosks)
2.   Low-voltage switchboards up to 6300Α for:
•    Lighting
•    Electric motors
•    A/C units
•    Cooling equipment
•    Sports facilities
•    Pumping stations
•    Photovoltaic applications
•    Control
•    Power transfer
3.   Industrial automation panels
4.   Capacitor panels (Cos correction)

Once the production process is complete, all switchboards are fully tested for compliance with the IEC 61439-1 standard and delivered with a full set of three-line electrical diagrams.  

Moreover, thanks to our extensive data base, we are able to provide effective long-term after sale support for all switchboards. Our partnership with leading electrical equipment providers worldwide (ABB, SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC, LEGRAND) ensures the high-quality and superior performance of our products.  


Committed to designing, manufacturing and offering high quality services, the KAFKAS switchboard production unit implements a Quality Assurance System, which adheres to all safety and quality requirements set by both EU and Greek legislation. The system is also compliant with ΕΝ ISO 9001: 2000 specifications. Quality control procedures are applied throughout the manufacturing process and are fully integrated into company operations.