Kafkas Institute

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KAFKAS always considers new ways to upgrade the quality and enrich the content of services offered to our customers. The company also constantly strengthens its relationship with suppliers, focusing on the exchange of knowhow and the sourcing of new and innovative products and solutions.     

To offer high quality services and develop strong collaborations and partnerships we invest in life-long learning, training and development.   

Based on our long experience and solid position in the electrical equipment sector and being thoroughly familiar with the market’s product mix and latest trends, we tailor our training programs to meet the needs of our customers in today’s evolving and increasingly demanding market.   

As part of this, we started developing an open-seminar educational initiative for both professionals and the public.

We welcome you to the Kafkas Institute of Training and Development, which will be organizing and offering educational programs beyond the ordinary.  

The Institute’s main objective is to offer our customers, as well as those seeking new career development prospects, an opportunity to improve their knowledge base and skill sets.

The Institute will be focusing on the following subjects:

•    Technology and products
•    Certifications
•    Management & Business  
•    Systems

The Institute will be geared towards:

•    Professional electricians  
•    Engineers, architects, construction and maintenance professionals
•    Students
•    Companies

Committed to delivering high quality educational and training services, we closely collaborate with recognized visiting lecturers, established educational institutions and leading electrical equipment manufacturers. Our goal is to create new prospects and provide new opportunities by offering a strong competitive advantage to those who’ll join us, so that they can successfully tackle the new challenges posed by an evolving market.  

We are also committed to becoming better educators and trainers, so the feedback we’ll get from participants will be a driver for continuous improvement. We’ll also be focusing on identifying new market trends, both in terms of products and methods, that will contribute to the effective management of professional activities.