Lighting department

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Our lighting consulting team was established to provide project-specific professional lighting design services. These include a number of steps, from developing the main concept, analyzing project requirements and preparing technical specifications to after sale support once the installation has been completed. Our lighting design services can also be tailored to any project phase to which our team is called upon to provide solutions. However, the earlier our team is engaged with a project the better the results in terms of technical integration and aesthetic appeal.

Throughout the lighting design phase, the company’s team of experts cooperates closely with the client, the project managers, the architect, the interior designer and the electrical contractor, and through a creative process involving preliminary drawings, images, text, models, blueprints, calculations and tables, ensuring the project’s optimal completion in terms of both design and implementation. The detailed lighting design includes final plans indicating the position and type of lighting fixtures, manufacturer details and system and control specifications.

Lighting design can highlight the unique aspects and distinct character of a given space, offering solutions that meet even the most demanding requirements. In conjunction with the possibilities offered by today’s advanced technology lighting products, it allows us to create unique aesthetic environments. Accentuating the diversity of materials, color, textures, volumes and movement, we can endow a given space with coherence and style and provide quality solutions that effectively meet customer needs. The main objective of lighting design is to successfully integrate light sources into a constructed space so as to effectively resolve issues of functionality, ergonomics, visual comfort, ease of maintenance and energy conservation

Our lighting team undertakes such projects as:

•    Workplaces and Education venues
•    Retail stores and Malls
•    Dining and entertainment venues
•    Hotels and private homes
•    Museums and exhibition spaces
•    Building facades, Monuments and Archaeological sites
•    Street, pedestrian zone, park and square lighting
•    Sports facilities