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Our company’s Business Development function encompasses four specialized departments: B2B Sales, B2B Presales, Project Support and Electric Switchboard Manufacturing. These departments employ 60 engineers and technicians with considerable experience in the electrical equipment market.
In addition to the above we have established a Lighting Department to provide professional lighting studies for various kinds of projects.

Moreover, our Marketing Department, responsible for product management and marketing services, reflects our company’s overall efforts to consistently anticipate and fully meet the needs and requirements of our customer base.

Project Sales & Services Department

The specialized sales engineers staffing our Project Sales & Services Department in close cooperation with leading electrical equipment and lighting manufacturers and in partnership with a wide network of certified and experienced technical experts, provide continuous and comprehensive professional support to project implementation teams (architects, electrical engineers and installers) from design to construction.

With a thorough knowledge of electrical products and by constantly monitoring technological developments in their field, our sales engineers are able to accurately analyze the needs and requirements, as well as the budget of each project, and propose the most appropriate and cost effective product-based solutions, aiming for optimum functionality, comfort and energy performance.

Our expert consultants provide product based solutions and support services covering appropriate application in the following areas:

  • Energy
  • Electrical Distribution and Installation
  • Communication & Safety
  • Automation & Control
  • Lighting

Our company’s energy solution consultants are engaged in the broad sector of renewable energy projects (from grid-linked to off-grid stand-alone systems) and support the sales of a wide range of products, including photovoltaic panels, wind turbines, power inverters, energy storage systems and telemetry systems, as well as a full range of equipment for off-grid systems.

The support services offered in this product category include:

  • Shading reports, layout plans and sizing estimates for PV projects
  • Grounding and lightning protection
  • Building energy requirements and complete proposals for stand-alone renewable energy systems (PV, wind turbine, hybrid systems)

Our consultants specializing in product-based solutions for power distribution and electrical installations analyze the needs of large and complex projects in terms of electrical supplies (grounding, tubing, wiring, racks, channels, connectors, switches) and provide technically optimal and cost-effective solutions according to the specifications and requirements of each project.

Our communications and safety experts specialize in telecommunications products, including structured cabling systems, satellite systems, voice communication systems, PBXes, call centers, intercoms and video door phones, and security systems, including alarm systems, fire detection systems, CCTV systems, UPS systems, regulators and generators.

These product categories cover a broad range of applications, from residential buildings to complex industrial installations, for which our communications and security experts in cooperation with a wide network of suppliers and partners provide the most suitable solutions.

Our automation experts offer complete solutions for building automation and smart energy management projects. This team of highly experienced and technically skilled professionals in cooperation with leading suppliers and certified partners provides:  

  • Consulting services regarding the selection of the most appropriate solution based on specific project requirements (residential, commercial, industrial).
  • Proposals and technical support on the design and operation of smart energy management systems.
  • Design, planning and configuration of KNX-based control systems

Professional lighting covers a wide range of applications, from spotlighting a rare jewel to strategic urban planning. Our company’s team of lighting experts is staffed by highly trained professionals with years of experience who provide high quality consulting services along with a broad range of product-based solutions that fully meet the specific requirements of each project.

Our lighting team undertakes such projects as:

  • Workplaces and Education venues
  • Retail stores and Malls
  • Dining and entertainment venues
  • Hotels and private homes
  • Museums and exhibition spaces
  • Building facades, Monuments and Archaeological sites
  • Street, pedestrian zone, park and square lighting
  • Sports facilities

To service its major clients quickly and effectively, KAFKAS established this department staffed by Account Managers, who handle the company’s 1500 major clients, and Key Account Managers, who specialize in large public works and construction company projects.  

The B2B Sales Department’s objectives include developing new clients and constantly reviewing current customer needs as well as monitoring the products and solutions offered in order to keep them abreast of new developments in the electrical supply field.

The department’s key clients include:

  • Industrial concerns
  • Construction companies
  • Hotels
  • Public Authorities
  • Electrical contractors
  • Commercial enterprises / Store chains
  • Engineers – Architects – Interior Designers

Our B2B Presales Department is responsible for promptly responding to customer service requests and processing customer orders. We consider a response time of 48 hours or less a key prerequisite for excellent service.
The Department’s engineers are responsible for selecting technically advanced products that meet the specifications of each order and for suggesting more effective alternatives. They are also responsible for the technical and commercial evaluation of each order, as well as the processing of incoming requests. As part of this, they cooperate closely with our experts in the Project Sales & Services Department to ensure that all customer requirements are fully met and utilize our advanced IT infrastructure (SAP, BI, CRM) to make sure that customer orders are rapidly processed and scheduled for delivery on time.

Lighting Department

Our lighting consulting team was established to provide project-specific professional lighting design services. These include a number of steps, from developing the main concept, analyzing project requirements and preparing technical specifications to after sale support once the installation has been completed. Our lighting design services can also be tailored to any project phase to which our team is called upon to provide solutions. However, the earlier our team is engaged with a project the better the results in terms of technical integration and aesthetic appeal.

Throughout the lighting design phase, the company’s team of experts cooperates closely with the client, the project managers, the architect, the interior designer and the electrical contractor, and through a creative process involving preliminary drawings, images, text, models, blueprints, calculations and tables, ensuring the project’s optimal completion in terms of both design and implementation. The detailed lighting design includes final plans indicating the position and type of lighting fixtures, manufacturer details and system and control specifications.

Lighting design can highlight the unique aspects and distinct character of a given space, offering solutions that meet even the most demanding requirements. In conjunction with the possibilities offered by today’s advanced technology lighting products, it allows us to create unique aesthetic environments. Accentuating the diversity of materials, color, textures, volumes and movement, we can endow a given space with coherence and style and provide quality solutions that effectively meet customer needs. The main objective of lighting design is to successfully integrate light sources into a constructed space so as to effectively resolve issues of functionality, ergonomics, visual comfort, ease of maintenance and energy conservation.

Our lighting team undertakes such projects as:

  • Workplaces and Education venues
  • Retail stores and Malls
  • Dining and entertainment venues
  • Hotels and private homes
  • Museums and exhibition spaces
  • Building facades, Monuments and Archaeological sites
  • Street, pedestrian zone, park and square lighting
  • Sports facilities