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To offer our customers timely high quality services, KAFKAS consistently invests in infrastructure facilities, IT systems knowhow and, above all, in our outstanding human resources. Our comparative advantage is based on our:  

•    Extensive nationwide network of well-stocked stores that meet the needs of our customer base

•    Retail branches that have thoroughly adopted the one-stop-shop concept to fully meet customer needs in products and services

•    Company-owned truck fleet that ensures timely on-site deliveries on a daily basis to avoid any shortages

•    Master warehouse that supports our retail network with daily deliveries to ensure adequate stocks

•    Excellent IT systems infrastructure (SAP, BI, CRM) that ensures minimal errors, fast response times and easy data processing

•    Specialized departments (pre-sales, sales, consulting, marketing) that offer comprehensive and innovative solutions and services, fully meeting specific customer needs   

•    Lighting department focusing on professional lighting projects

•    Electrical switchboard production unit, which designs and manufactures equipment that meet specific project requirements and specifications

•    Groundbreaking initiative to offer our trade customers learning opportunities and career development prospects with the establishment of the Kafkas Institute of Training and Development

•    Employee lifelong learning and training programs aimed at strengthening the knowledge base and skill sets of our people and empower them to expertly handle customer requirements

•    Reliable, safe and easy to use e-commerce services, including:

        I.    Electronic payment code for customer payments and deposits using e-banking
        II.   e-billing via e-mail or SMS, providing instant account updates
        III.  e-invoicing via e-mail or SMS, reducing the paper load
        IV.  ΕDI: Electronic data interchange, for instantly sending and receiving orders and invoices