Vision & Values

Our vision


Our company’s vision is to be the undisputed and leading customer choice in the market of electrical equipment by providing differentiated value, which is achieved through continuous investment in the development of our people, identification and exploitation of opportunities that occur in a constantly changing economic and technological environment and ultimately supporting innovative solutions.



Our values


Trust and Respect

We always want to create an environment where our people will develop their skills and abilities, believing that if we release their potential, this will ensure our constant progress as a company. In Kafkas we firmly believe that the respect and sincere acceptance of individuality, along with confidence on everyone’s skills, are our leading forces for the growth of our company and its employees.

We work together, we become stronger

Cooperation and team spirit are necessary requirements for our company’s efficient functioning. Through honest and direct cooperation we are able to ideally combine individual skills and make a difference. In KAFKAS, we are a team!!!


We are fast, flexible and efficient

In KAFKAS we firmly believe that by constantly setting higher goals and aiming to improve our individual and corporate abilities we will be able to develop as a company inside the ever changing financial, social and technological environment of our time. We see change, innovation and high target setting as a challenge for personal and corporate development.


Passion for excellence and constant improvement

We want to set high goals and achieve them in action, not words. In Kafkas, we aim at being fast, and at the same time, flexible, in order to instantly respond to the challenges of our era and to be able of changing priorities if needed.

Supplied with these values, all of us together, the people of KAFKAS mould and configure our future as an organization and as individuals…

We work together and become stronger!!!