Kafkas Institute

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Kafkas Institute of Training and Development


KAFKAS constantly seeks ways of updating and differentiating the level and content of the services provided to its customers. At the same time, it strengthens its cooperation with its suppliers, focusing on the mutual exchange of know-how and innovative product and solution advances.

In order to be able to offer the best services and co operations we invest in continuous training and development.

Our many year presence and status on the field, gives us the advantage of knowing the market, products and new trends. This helps us adjust our training courses, in order to cover our customer needs in an ever evolving and more demanding market.

On that basis, we started designing an educational activity that will follow the open seminar logic and will appeal to professionals, and to a broader audience as well.

We present and welcome you to the Kafkas Institute of Training and Development, which will organize and address educational programs beyond the common standards.

Its purpose is to offer knowledge and provisions to our customers and everyone who desires new potentials of professional advancement.

Institute’s basic subjects:

  • Technology and products
  • Certifications
  • Management & Business 
  • Systems

Is aimed at:

  • Professional Electricians
  • Engineers, Architects, Manufacturers, Preservers
  • Students
  • Companies

We want and are able to offer high level educational services. Thus, we cooperate with highly regarded proponents, reliable educational bodies and the leading electrical equipment developers. Our aim is to create new potentials by providing a leading advantage to those who will trust us in order to successfully deal with every new circumstance created by the market.



Since we want to keep getting better, the participants’ opinion and feedback will be a constant challenge for improvement. At the same time, priority will be given in tracing the market’s new trends, concerning products or methods that will contribute to an effective management of professional activities.

For more info about Kafkas Institute of Training and Development and the forthcoming seminars, you can visit www.kafkasinstitute.gr.