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Our services


KAFKAS constantly invests in facilities, information systems know-how and mainly in personnel, in order to offer fast and quality service to its customers. Our difference lies in:

  • Developed network of stores all over Greece, sufficiently stocked for our customer needs.
  • Stores fully adjusted to the “one stop shop” philosophy, ensuring the covering of every basic need in products and services.
  • Proprietary fleet of delivery trucks, which allows in-time deliveries and daily coverage of shortages.
  • Central warehouse, that enhances and secures stock adequacy in every store.
  • Excellent information system infrastructure (SAP, BI, CRM), which ensure error minimization, quick responding and easier data processing.
  • Specialized departments (Project Sales & Services, B2B Sales, Pre-Sales, Electrical Switchboards and Marketing) that offer complete and innovative solutions and sufficiently respond to our customer needs.
  • The pioneering, for Balkan standards, KAFKAS Institute of Training and Development, created in order to offer knowledge, skills and development potential to all levels of professionals.
  • Constant training of our personnel, aiming at improving their knowledge and skills, in order to best respond to our customer needs.
  • Electronic services, that ensure reliability and make our financial exchanges easier, such as:


  1. Ε-
  2. Electronic payment code for our customers’ payments and deposits.
  3. Bill: bills are send via e-mail and SMS, so that the accounts are instantly updated.
  4. E-Invoicing: invoices can be send in electronic form.
  5. ΕDI: Electronic data interchange, for instantly sending and receiving orders and invoices.