V. KAFKAS S.A. is the leading Greek company in electrical equipment and lighting sales with sales of 86,11 million Euros in 2013. The company employs more than 570 people, has excellent relations with more than 300 suppliers and provides services to more than 5000 customers on a daily basis. Inside the modern network of 45 stores , the sales B2B specialized lighting components , construction unit electrical panel , the Department of Energy Solutions , the Department for Industrial Applications & Building Solutions and the weak networks , KAFKAS has the power to offers comprehensive solutions and services to its customers.

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Η ΚΑΥΚΑΣ πέρασε επιτυχώς τη διαδικασία πιστοποίησης «EFQM Committed to Excellence»-«ΑΙΕΝ ΑΡΙΣΤΕΥΕΙΝ».

Η ΚΑΥΚΑΣ βραβεύτηκε ως True Leader από τον Όμιλο ICAP.

Since 2007, KAFKAS appears on the list of the 500 most profitable enterprises in Greece. 

KAFKAS is the leading Greek company in the electrical equipment sales market 


KAFKAS has specialized departments that offer complete services  

KAFKAS created the pioneering, for Balkan standards, KAFKAS Institute 

Η ΚΑΥΚΑΣ παρέχει ηλεκτρονικές υπηρεσίες που διασφαλίζουν την αξιοπιστία και διευκόλυνση των πελατών..

KAFKAS owns 42 stores all over Greece 

Η ΚΑΥΚΑΣ διαθέτει ιδιόκτητο στόλο 40 οχημάτων 

KAFKAS now employs more than 570 employees