Building Sustainability in European Tourism  - 30/11/2016

Building Sustainability in European Tourism


During the GSTC-Global Sustainable Tourism Council Conference, which took place on the 23rd and 24th of November at Zappeion Megaron, KAFKAS, presented its own proposals towards the sustainability of the tourism facilities in Greece via the use of technologically advanced products and delivery of holistic solutions.

In the beginning of his speech, Mr. Nikos Pavlos (Hospitality Vertical Market Supervisor) briefly went through the “Mega Trends” as well as the new technological advancements concerning the hospitality sector, and then explained the methodology followed and the internationally recognized practices for energy efficiency, safety, increase of the level of comfort, as well as environmental, social and economic sustainability.

The “Best Practices by KAFKAS” presented, which are consistent with international standards for energy efficiency and sustainability, effectively support the viability of existing installations and also have brought in significant energy savings to investors, thus reducing their operating costs. Examples of “best practices by KAFKAS” presented concerned relighting solutions (Interior and Exterior), heat pumps, photovoltaic systems (net-metering) as well as energy data management systems. Finally, Mr. N. Pavlos emphasized the expertise and know-how of KAFKAS to support its clients even at the specification stage.