KAFKAS is awarded for the fifth consecutive year as a “True Leader”


KAFKAS was awarded for the fifth consecutive year as a “True Leader” for the year 2015 within 58 other leading companies on Wednesdaythe 16th of November at the official event organized by the ICAP Group.
In the presence of high level executives and representatives of the up most important institutions for entrepreneurship in Greece, the award was received by Mr Athanasios Taralas, the company’s Finance Director.

With this Institution, the ICAP Group, since 2011 awards the companies that managed excel in four measurable criteria between 22.000 contestants. The aforementioned criteria are Profitability, Increase of Staff, High Creditworthiness and leading position in the industry.
Specifically the distinction of KAFKAS as a “True Leader” for the year 2015 means that our company:

  1. Is one of the 500 most profitable companies based on Business Leaders issuance data. (Classification Criterion EBITDA)
  2. Is one amongst the 500 companies with the largest number of staff and that has increased the staff numbers
  3. Is in the top ratings of its market (based on turnover)
  4. Has high ICAP Score (a rating ranging from B2 – A1)

Mr Taralas commented that the emergence of KAFKAS as a “True Leader” for the year 2015 has a special meaning for the company. The people of KAFKAS are recognized and awarded for their contribution and faith to the company’s vision and values but for their passion for constant continuous improvement and excellence.
The award earned by KAFKAS is an undeniable recognition of credibility and trust shown by our customers and partners in the constantly changing and unstable entrepreneurial and political-economic conditions. The fact that KAFKAS retains the title of a “True Leader” for the fifth consecutive year is a great honor and an incentive to continue on the path of sustainable development and irrefutable success.