Wiring accessories

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Today’s wiring accessories are designed to meet the ever increasing needs of electrical installations. All leading manufacturers, such as SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC, LEGRAND, ABB, SIEMENS and VIMAR, offer products and solutions, which, rather than simply managing connections (like conventional switches and sockets), include automation and user-friendly smart management features. Available in a wide variety of designs and colors, our wiring accessories can match any style and preference.     

Our product range mainly includes:

    •    Switches and sockets (recessed, wall fixed, waterproof)
    •    Mechanical-Electronic thermostats
    •    Timers
    •    Security lights
    •    Night lights
    •    Motion sensors

In all the above categories, we offer innovative products and solutions that incorporate the latest technological breakthroughs, meeting even the most demanding end user requirements. Visit one of our showrooms to choose the products that better suit your needs.